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The CP-100 Patient Positioning System

Introducing the CP-100 Patient Positioning System, an inexpensive and versatile

solution to positioning needs. The CP-100 uses Kuka or ABB based industrial

robots with 6 degrees of freedom for complex patient alignment needs.

Consequently, the CP-100 is repeatable to within 0.2 mm of positioning along

any axis.


The CP-100 uses Med-TEC's patient positioning and fixation hardware and

accessories for a "standard" look and feel for patient positioning.


Features of the CP-100 include:

     • 6 Degrees of freedom of motion

     • Patient leading up to 200 kg

     • High Torque rated joints for greater positioning flexibility

     • Resolver-based servo control option for more reliable control in radiation

       environments (versus encoder based control)



Multiple patient positioning devices exist including:
   •  MED-TEC’s IPPS™ indexing couchtops with patented indexing “notches” –

   or indents – along the length of the couch/tabletop.


The CP-100 System






IPPS™ indexing couchtop





The CP-100 Control system is available as either a Windows or Linux

workstation. The work station is an Intel based computer system and can be in

rack mounted or in desktop form. 





The CP-100 can be

interfaced to Patient

Tracker, a Vicon based

motion tracking system









A major advantage of the CP-100 system is that precision patient positioning can

be accomplished with or without x-rays.  Also, the patient position/

physiological monitoring system can be used for gating purposes or patient

distress monitoring, thereby allowing enhanced controls for a variety of

treatments from radiotherapy to ultrasound. 











Med-Tec's Treatment Chair


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