Large Load Palletizing,

   custom end of arm tooling

   design and much more...


PLC's and Automated Controls

    PC and PLC based HMI

    designs and more...


Workcell Design

    Environmental control,

    Pneumatic and hydraulic

    logic and controls, and


System Integration

    Vision-based inspection

    stations, large-scale

    SCADA systems, and




Clean Room Manufacturing

The engineers at Cicero Bioinstrumentation are familiar with standards regarding clean room manufacturing. We can provide any of our manufacturing design and integration services to customers with clean room specifications.


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Engineering for Life Sciences Manufacturing


Cicero Bioinstrumentation, Inc. provides reliable manufacturing design solutions. Our design and implementation experience with manufacturing and process applications allow us to meet any customer need.

We have highly skilled people in the area of robot application design, automated workcell design, workcell integration, industrial and laboratory data controls, control system communications as well as using a variety of embedded controls , PLC, and computer controls to meet customer requirements.

Design Solutions

From localized quality control or vision-based inspection stations to large-scale SCADA systems, Cicero Bioinstrumentation can provide a variety of system integration solutions for your manufacturing process control applications. We have the integration experience with automation and control systems to meet any manufacturing need including assemble, plastic injection molding, bottling and more.