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Cicero Bioinstrumentation's software engineering capabilities cover a wide range of hardware and software platforms. All Software development at Cicero Bioinstrumentation includes:

Windows Solutions


Cicero Bioinstrumentation's staff has experience with developing applications for Windows platforms from Windows 3.1 to Windows Vista. We can also develop software for the WinCE platform for embedded controls and PDA/handheld hardware. Cicero Bioinstrumentation can also help you with mulit-platform system integration when you need data and file sharing between different operating systems and software.


Linux and Other Open Source Solutions


Cicero Bioinstrumentation develops Linux GUI applications using application frameworks such as GNOME and KDE, as well as Linux console applications using ncurses. Our designs result in applications that are intuitive and easy to use, with the "look and feel" that the customer expects.


Cicero Bioinstrumentation can also assist customers in porting their application from other operating systems to Linux, while maintaining the look and feel of the original application.