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Custom Test Systems and Instrumentation

Computerized Data Acquisition Systems

Fully-Automated Data Collection and Processing

Used for Laboratory Automation, Product Testing, and Drug Discovery

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Custom Test Systems

Our goal at CBI is to meet our customer's specific requirements. In the area of test systems and instrumentation our engineers are capable of helping with time-consuming tests, measurements and processes.

Test procedures using our custom test systems are repeatable and can perform iterative test per unit under tests, or perform tests on multiple components. 

CBI can develop Test Systems for R&D, manufacturing lines, or laboratories.  CBI has experience in developing test system that must meet CSA, CE, and UL standards.

CBI can provide testing solutions from non contact surface inspection to package testing.

CBI can also modify existing test system fo customized controls.

Custom Instrumentation

The knowledge that the engineers here at CBI contains allows us to easily engineer new and innovative instrumentation to test your product.  Whether for R&D, verification, validation, or production QA CBI has the answer.